We are Sketch

Welcome to a new concept of shop created from our experience and knowledge after years of working in various European cities.

Hello! This is Miriam, Raquel, Mayi and María, we are a team that is more like a small family. Actually, that is helped a little by the fact we are family.

Who's who?


Miriam Lecuona Arbelaitz

“We value our roots very highly”

I studied a degree in Business Studies and a Master in Interior Design in London. I lived in Geneva for several years
A must in my basic wardrobe: white blouse
My favourite city: Paris


Raquel Lecuona Arbelaitz

“The essential part of Sketch is the mix of brands”

After studying an English Language degree, I joined the family business, where I've learnt everything from my parents and my aunt.
My dress style: Informal. For a special occasion: chic.
My fetish item: leather trousers.


Mayi Lecuona Arbelaitz

“We like dressing women of all ages”

After studying hotel management in Switzerland for four years, I worked in Barcelona, Paris and London. Travelling has really helped me to value what we have here. 
My favourite city: London.
A colour: navy


María Aperribay Arbelaitz

“We love working together”

I studied Business Studies in Pamplona and then I did a Master in Fashion in London, I've also lived in Lyon and Marseilles.
A must in my basic wardrobe: white blouse
My fetish item: kimono

From San Sebastian, but with an eye to the world, we select emerging brands from cities like Paris, Copenhagen, Milan, London... with a close focus on quality at an affordable price.

As you can see, as well as sharing a surname, we have the same passion for the fashion world. Come to Sketch, we'd love to share it with you.

We are Sketch
We are Sketch
We are Sketch
We are Sketch